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To report allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or misrepresentations affiliated with the GSA, please call (800) 424-5210 or submit confidential information to the OIG via our online Hotline Form.

General Contact Information



(202) 501-0450 (General)
(202) 273-7320 (Press Inquiries)


(202) 208-7607


Send an e-mail message to GSA OIG.

U.S. Mail

General Services Administration

Office of Inspector General (J)

1800 F Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20405


Contact Form

FOIA Contact Information

If you wish to make a request for General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) information pursuant to the FOIA or the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552a, it must be in writing. We cannot accept oral requests.


By e-mail to:

By mail to:

  • OIG Freedom of Information Act Officer

GSA Office of Inspector General

1800 F Street, NW, Room 5326 (JC)

Washington, DC 20405; or

By fax to: 

  • (202) 501-0414.




Office Contact Information

View offices map.

Office of the Inspector General

Inspector General, Carol F. Ochoa

(202) 501-0450

Deputy Inspector General, Robert C. Erickson

(202) 501-0450

Associate Inspector General, Larry Lee Gregg

(202) 219-1041

Communications and Public Affairs, Robert Preiss

(202) 273-7320

Congressional Relations, Robert Preiss

(202) 273-7266

General Inquiries

(202) 501-0450

Office of Counsel to the Inspector General

Counsel to the Inspector General, Edward J. Martin

(202) 273-7293

Office of Inspections

Assistant Inspector General for Inspections, Patricia D. Sheehan

(202) 273-4989

Deputy Director, Inspections, Teresa Story

(202) 273-3052

Deputy Director, Inspections, Karla Myers

(202) 273-4994

Office of Audits

Assistant Inspector General for Auditing, R. Nicholas Goco

(202) 501-2322

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Acquisition Audits, Barbara E. Bouldin

(202) 273-7371

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Real Property Audits, Brian J. Gibson

(202) 273-7278

Chief of Staff, Peter J. Coniglio

(202) 501-0468

Audit Planning, Policy, and Operations Staff Director, Lisa Blanchard

(202) 501-4865

Administration and Data Systems Staff Director, Thomas P. Short

(202) 501-1366

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Audit Policy and Oversight, Carolyn Presley-Doss

(202) 273-7323

FAR Disclosures and False Claims Act Resolution Program Manager, Paul J. Malatino

(202) 208-0021

Associate Deputy Assistant Inspectors General for Auditing

Acquisition and Information Technology Audits, Sonya D. Panzo

(202) 273-7333

Real Property and Finance Audits, Marisa Roinestad

(202) 273-7241

Center for Contract Audits, Christopher L. Leishear

(202) 273-7383
Regional Audits Offices

Northeast and Caribbean Region Audit Office, Steve Jurysta

(212) 264-8620

Mid-Atlantic Region Audit Office, Thomas Tripple

(215) 446-4835

Southeast Sunbelt Region Audit Office, Nicholas Painter

(404) 331-5520

Great Lakes Region Audit Office, Adam R. Gooch

(312) 353-7781

The Heartland Region Audit Office, Michelle L. Westrup

(816) 926-8605

Greater Southwest Region Audit Office, Charles E. Harris

(817) 978-4850

Pacific Rim Region Audit Office, Hilda Garcia

(415) 522-2740

Office of Investigations

Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, James E. Adams 

(202) 501-1397

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Jason Suffredini 

(202) 501-1397

Operations Division 

(202) 273-7253

Intelligence Division

(202) 273-7272
Field Investigations Offices

Washington Field Office

(202) 252-0008

Philadelphia Field Office

(215) 861-3550

New York City Field Office

(212) 264-7300

Boston Field Office

(617) 565-6800

Atlanta Field Office

(404) 331-5126

Fort Lauderdale Field Office 

(954) 356-6993

Chicago Field Office

(312) 353-7779

Kansas Field Office

(816) 926-7214

Denver Field Office

(303) 236-5072

Ft. Worth Field Office

(817) 978-2589

San Francisco Field Office

(415) 522-2755

Laguna Niguel Field Office 

(949) 360-2214

Sacramento Field Office

(415) 522-2755

Auburn Field Office

(253) 833-6070

Office of Administration

Assistant Inspector General for Administration, Kristine M. Preece

(202) 273-7305

Budget, Planning, and Financial Management Division Director, Suzanne Melnick

(202) 501-2352

Human Resources Division Director, Tonia Patterson

(202) 501-0360

Information Technology Division Director, William English

(202) 273-7340

Facilities and Contracting Division Director, Idalia Rodriguez

(202) 501-3119


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Last updated: 10/08/2019