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Fiscal Year 2024 Audit Plan

This audit plan is the culmination of our planning efforts for Fiscal Year 2024. We developed the audits identified in this document after considering GSA’s strategic goals and performance measures, legal and regulatory requirements, and issues raised by GSA management, as well as our own assessment of challenges and risks facing GSA. Our goal in developing this plan is to demonstrate how our office can help GSA management improve their programs and operations and best protect American taxpayer interests. 

The audits identified in this plan represent our highest priorities. Collectively, these audits will assess many GSA programs, systems, operations, and internal controls; respond to requests from GSA management; and address issues mandated by law or regulation. This plan also provides time for our office to provide audit support to contracting officials in carrying out their procurement and administration responsibilities. Finally, this plan allots time for our continued support of the U.S. Department of Justice’s resolution of False Claims Act cases.

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