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Conference Expenses in 2012

The GSA Office of Inspector General (OIG) did not sponsor any conference in Fiscal Year 2012 where the costs exceeded $100,000.  The OIG sponsored several internal conferences such as firearms training, audit planning, and audit training.  The costs per conference (including travel) ranged from about $14,000 to $66,000.  Each OIG-sponsored conference was designed to minimize overall costs while providing a maximum amount of work-related activities (such as training) for the attendees.  Individuals in the OIG also attended several conferences hosted by others, including the GSA Expo and several  auditing conferences, such as 2012 Acquisition Excellence, the FAEC 2012 Procurement Conference, and the 19th Biennial Forum of Government Auditors.
OIG staff attended these functions to enhance our mission, which is to add value by providing timely, cost effective, professional, and useful products and services to our client and stakeholders.  In total, the OIG spent about $313,434 for approximately 362 people to attend 28 conferences.